.***MARY ANN IS CONDUCTING  PHONE SESSIONS AT THIS TIME***

Individuals wishing to schedule a private PHONE session with Mary Ann may contact her at the link shown below.

Please take note…Because of overwhelming requests, and difficulties in keeping message lines clear, it is not possible AT THIS TIME for Mary Ann or her staff to arrange for an immediate phone session for all who contact her. By clicking on the link below and filling in the information your name will be placed on a waiting list. To request a personal PHONE session please, click here.   The fee for a personal reading by phone is $350.00. Method of payment is varied and will be discussed with you when your appointment is scheduled. Payments for personal readings/appointments by phone are non-refundable. However, it is fully understood by both parties that readings/appointments will be re-scheduled at the earliest time convenient to both parties, if necessary. Thank you for your understanding.

*Mary Ann has personally stated that she wishes to thank every single person who has ever written or called her, and her thoughts and prayers are with each and every one.

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